DeFreitas & Associates provides Canadian resident and non-resident Income Tax Filing Consultation

DeFreitas & Associates (D&A) through its network of offices that span North America, Latin and Central America and the Caribbean can assist persons who are deemed either Canadian resident or non-resident for tax purposes.

According to Stan DeFreitas, D&A Associate Consultant, “this is not a new service that we have offered to persons who are either Canadian residents or non-residents for tax purposes but we want to remind persons throughout our network of offices and broader network of contacts that we can assist persons who are required to file the necessary tax returns due to their legal obligation as a a Canadian resident to file a tax return or to ensure they do not pay Canadian taxes on income earned in Canada if they have elected to become or are non-resident for tax purposes.”

He further added that, “there are other technical issues to discuss with persons on a case by case basis when doing this type of filing but D&A has the expertise to assist persons.”

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